Fruit must ripen to perfection on the tree before being harvested. Having the right weather in the final days prior to harvest is critical to forming the profile of a vintage. Under ideal climatic conditions during the last two weeks, the fruit develops its full flavors and the highest possible sugar content. Only then do we start the harvest.

In spring, frost can destroy the blossom or heavy rainstorms before harvest can dilute the fruit’s flavors. In such circumstances we will not harvest that particular variety for the year, as it no longer qualifies for our first-class quality spirit. Depending on the quality of the individual varieties of fruit, our total annual harvest output may vary up to 300 per cent.

We ensure this highest level of quality through long-established relationships and close co-operation with carefully selected growers who also hold to similar standards of excellence. The result: we use only flawless fruit – ripened to perfection on the tree, healthy and harvested with great care for the production of our first-class brandy.

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