Gewurztraminer Grape

Named after the village Tramin in southern Tyrol, this high-grade white grape is cultivated in all major wine regions across the world. It demands the best sites, but only yields small quantities of high quality grapes. The grapes are slightly red and distinguished for their fruity, aromatic flavors.

The Gewurztraminer brandy is a particular and rare speciality. Our grapes grow in the best sites for Gewurztraminer in the Austrian region “Burgenland,” and they are harvested at the point of perfect ripeness. We screen and wash the grapes by hand and mash the full grapes - without vine or stem - for fermentation.

The treasured middle cut is produced through careful double distillation of the naturally fermented grape mash without the use of any additives. Thereafter, the brandy matures for a minimum of eight years in open glass balloons to become mild while preserving its fruity-aromatic flavors with hints of rose scents.
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Tasting notes on 2002 vintage
„Explicit grape scent, rosebush and nougat flavors. Pronounced, bold and proud body. Very well matured and harmonious. Wonderful finish with clearly defined grape flavors.”

Bottle size:
0,70l, 0,35l and 0,375l (USA only) and
0,04l (individual bottle or as part of tasting sample set one)

Decorative bottle stopper for our fine Gewurztraminer
Grape brandy.
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