Cuvee “Hollermandl”

The „Hollermandl“ (pronounce “hollah-mahndl”) is a traditional Tyrolean dish originally made from cooked black elderberries and sliced pear, and it is often served as an accompaniment to delicious desserts. We have created this unique brandy along the lines of this regional specialty.

Our “Hollermandl” is a precious brandy cuvee of fine and fruity Williams pears and full-flavored black elderberries. We harvest the fruit when it has ripened to perfection and then create the mash.

To produce the so-called middle cut we carefully distil the naturally fermented additive-free mash twice in our copper pot stills. The young “Hollermandl” is then stored in open glass balloons for a minimum of seven years until it achieves perfect maturation.

The combination of a long maturation period and perfect blend of ripe pears and dark berries enables this brandy to become fruity and smooth, strong and complex with a nice balance of typical Williams flavors and a touch of dark chocolate.
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Tasting notes on 2003 vintage
„Deep aromatic nose. Explosion of flavors: clove, cinnamon, brown sugar with touch of orange and rum. Beautifully balanced and harmonious. Long finish!

Bottle size:
0,70l, 0,35l and 0,375l (USA only) and
0,04l (individual bottle or as part of tasting sample set three)

Decorative bottle stopper for our fine Cuvee “Hollermandl” brandy.
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