Cuvee “Kasteler”

This brandy is named after the means of its original storage - small wooden cupboards on the walls of traditional Tyrolean parlors or chambers. Girls kept the brandy in there as a special reward for “late night visits” from bold admirers.

Our “Kasteler” (pronounce “kah-shtella”) is an unmistakable brandy cuvee of wild rowanberries, fruity Williams pears and aromatic plums. We harvest and ferment the fruit when it has achieved first-class quality only - perfectly ripe and full of flavors, clean and healthy.

After naturally fermenting and having been carefully distilled twice we meld the so-called middle cuts with great care to obtain this unique cuvee. The young brandy then matures in open glass balloons for a minimum of seven years. During this time the strength and weight of the alcohol lessens, giving way to the preserved flavors of ripe berries, pears and plums.
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Tasting notes on 2003 vintage
„Animating, bold, aromatic. Beautiful rowanberry, fine pear – mouthfilling. Smooth, soft, juicy with discreet sweetness. Fresh finish with aromatic flavors.”

Bottle size:
0,70l, 0,35l and 0,375l (USA only) and
0,04l (individual bottle or as part of tasting sample set two)

Decorative bottle stopper for our fine Cuvee “Kasteler” brandy.
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