Cultivated in the “Hausruck” region of Upper Austria we treasure our plums for their harmony of sweet and sour flavors with an abundance of fresh aromatic flavors at the perfect time of harvest.

The hand-picked fruits are chopped and placed into vats for fermentation at harvest. After completing natural fermentation, we carefully distil the additive-free mash twice in our copper pot stills.

The precious middle cut then mature in open glass balloons for a minimum of five years. Over time the weight and strength of the alcohol lessens, enabling the palate to benefit from exquisite fruit flavors with a fine touch of plum pits.
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Tasting notes on 2005 vintage
„Precise, warm and smooth nose. Smoky aromatic tastes with balanced sweetness. Complex finish.”

Bottle size:
0,70l, 0,35l and 0,375l (USA only) and
0,04l (individual bottle or as part of tasting sample set three)

Decorative bottle stopper for our fine Plum brandy. Please view in full size.
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