Rochelt Distiller’s Reserve

Only spirits meeting our strict quality criteria for an outstanding vintage receive the "Distiller's Reserve" designation. These spirits are stored separately in small quantities in our brandy cellar.

The brandy ages and matures for an extended period under ideal conditions until it reaches perfection. At this point Alexander Rainer personally releases the completely pure brandy without the addition of any water to temper the spirit. We leave our "Distiller's Reserve" deliberately undiluted and high in alcohol content to attain the full range of flavors of an exceptional vintage. It is a unique specialty for brandy enthusiasts and only available on a limited basis.

We bottle "Distiller's Reserve" in our unique Tyrolean Rochelt pincer bottle. The bottle stopper is hand made with over 200 Swarovski crystals. In addition, two of our Rochelt tasting glasses are included for optimal tasting and consumption.

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We currently offer the following “Distiller’s Reserve” brandies:
The Williams Pear, vintage 2003
The Morello Cherry, vintage 2000
The Muscat Grape, vintage 1999

Bottle size: 0,35l
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