Morello Cherry, vintage 2000
Die Weichsel, Jahrgang 2000

Cultivated in the sunny regions of southern Styria (Austria) the cherries were hand-picked once they ripened to perfection. At harvest time the oval, red and shiny fruit burst with delicate, juicy, sweet and sour flavors.

Over time this brandy aged to one of the finest distillates of the last decade. We describe it as follows: Beautiful Morello cherry bouquet, powerful fruit flavors with hints of bitter almond. Clear and refreshing on the palate with a profusion of juicy cherry flavors, very well aged. Nicely balanced cherry pit aromas with a fine touch of cinnamon.

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Total production: 231 bottles
Bottle size: 0,35l

Decorative bottle stopper with more than 200 Swarovski crystals for our "Distiller's Reserve" range.
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