Wilde Vogelbeere

Wild Rowanberry
Wilde Vogelbeere

These bitter and acidic berries are not edible when raw. By contrast, the spirit made from rowanberries is a unique delicacy, highly regarded for its soothing effects on the stomach. For our distillate we use rowanberries only found in the wilds of Finland and the Baltic states.

The hand-picked berries are cleaned, sorted and turned into mash for fermentation. Later we carefully distil the additive-free berry mash twice in our copper pot stills. After maturing for a minimum of seven years in open glass balloons our wild rowanberry brandy is strong and mature with fine bitter and marzipan flavors and a delicate sweet finish.
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Tasting notes on 2003 vintage
„Wonderful nose with typical fruit flavors. Full-bodied, aromatic and concentrated. Soft and mild while strong and intense. Well-balanced finish!” more >

Bottle size:
0,35l and 0,375l (USA only) and
0,04l (individual bottle or as part of tasting sample set one)

Decorative bottle stopper for our fine Wild Rowanberry brandy.
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Wilde Vogelbeere
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